No, absolutely not. Parasailing is very serene and peaceful. You’ll take off and land slowly, so you don’t have to worry about a scary experience. And when you’re the air, all you’ll be thinking about is the spectacular scenery.

Yes – as long as it’s done in the right conditions, parasailing is very safe. We take every precaution possible to ensure your safety, including inspecting the tow line, winch system, harnesses and flying equipment daily. We never fly if it’s too windy or in rough sea conditions. If Mother Nature is not cooperating, we don’t hesitate to reschedule or refund your flight. We follow these procedures because your SAFETY is our number one priority.

YES! Because of limited seating and our growing popularity, we highly recommend making a reservation before you arrive. We always encourage people to book early because weather is sometimes a factor and you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Most of our parasail flights are in the general area of Paihia and Russell, but in certain conditions we fly a little further out. During the summer season we plan some of the trips out around the main group of islands in the outer bay. Look out for these trips on the website!

The whole excursion is part parasailing and part boat ride. Once on the boat, you can expect to be out on the water for about an hour or so. While waiting for your parasail, you can enjoy the scenery, watch others have fun on their flight and the crew can answer any questions you may have. We are here to show you a good time and a great parasailing experience to remember.

Absolutely not! The way we fly is very controlled. You take off slowly and smoothly right from the back deck of the boat. If you opt for a dip, there is a fun part toward the end of the flight. The Captain can dip your feet in the water if the conditions are ideal. You then land gently back on the deck of the boat.

Anyone of any age can parasail and/or ride on the boat. As long as you can properly fit in our approved life jackets and our inspected harness, you can fly. Remember, small children need to fly with a sibling or a parent.

We accept cash, debit cards, Visa, and MasterCard.

Usually, but each flight is dependent on weight load and wind/weather conditions. We’ll do our best to ensure you fly with your friends and family, but it’s ultimately at the Captain’s discretion how, when and where it’s safe for everyone to fly.

Most rides last from 10 to 12 minutes.

We can mark you down as an observer when you book (if there is room), and there is a fee. Being able to observe on the boat may change, as flyers always have priority. But if there is room once it is time to depart, we would love to get you out on the water.

We recommend wearing shorts and a t-shirt over bathing clothes, and flip flops or sandals for your feet. In cooler conditions, it’s recommended to wear a long-sleeve shirt, hoodie or jacket, and even in summer an extra layer is nice to have, especially after a dip!

Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and a small towel are recommended. You can bring cameras at your own risk. For hot days, drinking water is also nice to have since the boat ride is about an hour. You can purchase water on board or at the dock.

If the Captain wouldn’t fly his own mother, he won’t fly you either, as safety is our number one concern! If there is inclement weather anywhere nearby, we’ll bring you back to land. Based on our weather radar, we may either go on stand-by or close down completely, the same applies for high winds. If you book and were not able to fly with us, you may choose to be refunded or rescheduled. We don’t push the limits. Again, your safety is always our number one priority.

Yes you can. We offer photo and video packages. We supply the camera and you get to take away the SD Card with your photos and video.

Of course! You can take a camera at your own risk. You should take into consideration the height and water risks. Also, there may be a little seawater spray and bumps in choppy conditions, so you’ll need to take care of your own equipment. For these reasons, our photo package is always a sure and safe bet when it comes to capturing your adventure.

We are open 7 days a week, weather permitting. First trip out is at 9.00am and our last boat usually goes out at 6pm, though we have been known to run later hours, especially mid-summer due to high demand.

We have an Ocean Pro 31. These beautiful boats seat 12 passengers and are second to none in the parasail industry. They are as good as it gets when it comes to parasailing. They are specifically designed for the purpose of this water sport and are the most comfortable and dry parasail boats on the market. The vessel is Maritime New Zealand approved and certified, this includes the vessels hull, engine and safety gear. Captain and crew are both certified in First Aid and CPR and practice safety drills regularly.